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Announcing Flag Wars for iOS

Flag Wars, a multi player turn-based strategy game for iOS, is launching in the App store in September. Flag Wars is based on the classic board game Stratego. The objective of the game is to capture your opponent's flag while protecting your own. It's easy to learn, but deep enough to to allow complex strategies that will keep strategy gamers engaged. It's a universal app that will work on your iPad or iPhone.

Flag Wars is optimized for a 2 player match that ensures the game play will progress quickly. Thanks to Apple's automatic match making service you'll be able to find a human opponent any time, anywhere, over wi-fi or 3g. Player invitations are also supported in case you have a specific opponent in mind.

Once a match is found and game play starts, there is a setup timer that requires both sides to set up their army in under 90 seconds. This is easy thanks to 25 pre-loaded templates. You can customize those templates anyway you like to keep your opponent on their toes.

Each player has only 20 seconds to take their turn. This is plenty of time to plan your next move while keeping your opponent from losing interest as they wait for their own turn.

Look for Flag Wars, as a universal app, in the App Store in September.

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