Flag Wars

Flag Wars is a digital strategy competition that’s easy to learn and endlessly engaging. Based off of the classic game Stratego, the game employs classic turn-by-turn gameplay where connected players maneuver their pieces to capture the enemy’s flag while protecting their own flag. Flag Wars is fully integrated with Apple's Game Center which allows you to find a human opponent anytime, anywhere.


Word Charades

Word Charades is a fun party game based on the popular word game Taboo. In Word Charades two teams face off in exciting game of guess-the-word. The unique twist is that you have to get the members of your team to guess the word without using the 5 most common words associated with it, in the least amount of time possible. Imagine trying to get your team to guess Eiffel Tower without saying: France, Paris, Tall, Metal, or building. This all happens while pressure mounts from the round timer.